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Have a heart for lifting up, caring for, and improving the health of women and infants of color? Homeland Heart Collective exists to help you help our sisters, mamas, daughters, aunties, and friends.


If you are a current or aspiring birth worker or wellness practitioner of color who wants to improve outcomes and reduce infant and maternal mortality rates for woman, infants, and families of color, join our community.

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Homeland Heart seeks to bring together, support, and train up:


Midwives, doulas, lactation and placenta encapsulation consultants, pre- and post-partum educations, sleep coaches committed to optimizing all aspects of care from preconception to early childhood education

Wellness practitioners

Acupuncturists, yoga and fitness instructors, integrative medical professionals and chiropractors who specialize in various states of the birthing process

Advocates and providers of community support

Nannies, babysitters, and community members who believe it takes a village and are committed to being that village

We recognize "persons of color" as individuals who are African American, a part of an ethnic minority, or indigenous.

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