Homeland Heart Collective focuses on the needs and wellness of women and infants of color, and believes quality care by wellness and healthcare professionals of color can and will improve overall care of women and their families.


If you don't identify as a person of color, but want to support our efforts and help lift up and women, infants, and families of colors, you're in the right place, too, because we need your help!

How do you want to partner with us in changing the narrative?

Donate funds to Homeland Heart

An opportunity to help bridge the gap between the services and supplies we can offer, and the women and infants of color who need them both. Your contribution directly helps us carry out our mission in a variety of ways, including:

  • Education and trainings for birthworkers of color

  • Essential items for families of color in need

  • Emergency funds for the women we serve to ensure there is no interruption of care

  • Advocacy efforts to help raise awareness of staggering health disparity

  • Technological platforms and services to facilitate virtual programs and trainings

  • ...and so much more

Sponsor a birthworker of color

An opportunity to cover the full education and training costs (including books and training) for a birthworker, such as a doula who will work directly with women and infants of color. Your donation helps ensure the presence of trained, qualified, and certified professionals of color can engage with and serve the community of color.

Sponsor a training

An opportunity to cover the costs for 1 virtual training for 20 birthworkers of color (including necessary supplies and books). Your donation helps ensure that we continue to have trainings opportunities for birthworkers of color to learn, gain new skills, and grow in the safe environment, with the unique and often misunderstood focus on care for women and infants of color.

Donate new, physical items for families in need

An opportunity to provide women of color with the physical essentials they need to take care of themselves and their infants, such as diapers, bassinets, etc. (At this time, for health and safety, we are only accepting new, unopened, and unused items)

Connect us

To make substantial, long-lasting, and true change, we need a seat at the table, a chair in the board meeting, a spot on the stage. If you or someone you know can help make that happen, we'll gladly accept your help.


We can't possibly know all the ways in which people can and will help us along this journey. If none of the above speak to you, and you have another idea in mind, we want to hear it!

Want to support us now?

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Homeland Heart

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