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About us

Using community health workers as activists,

Homeland Heart Collective seeks to create a safe space and improve birth outcomes for women, infants, and families of color. Through programming and services designed for women and infants of color, resources for families of color and training and support for women of color midwives and doulas,


Homeland Heart Collective is devoted to mitigating concerns and creating safe environments and experiences, eliminating racial, socioeconomic, and health disparities, and reducing infant and maternal mortality rates before during and after pregnancy, for underserved and marginalized groups.

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Our mission

At Homeland Heart Collective, our core mission is to promote and protect maternal, perinatal, and infant health among women, infants, and families of color. We are proud to serve as a sanctuary for birth workers and families before, during, and after pregnancy – providing a bridge between practitioners and families, in order to improve birth outcomes and reduce infant and maternal mortality rates for black indigenous people of color.

Our goal is to create an inclusive space that promote optimal infant and maternal health in Nashville communities of color.

Our Mission

Support black women and families

The reality of creating real change and improving health outcomes is this: We cannot do this work alone, nor can we do it without funding. There are so many ways to support this work — from volunteering time or skill, to helping fund programming. If you feel led, please partner with us, give financially to our mission, and share Homeland Heart with those you know.

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